Dress Up Game: Harley and BFF PJ Party


Game description

Harley and her friends Mel and Cruella decided to have a pajama party. Hooligan girls also love casual entertainment. What could be better than getting together with your friends, doing each other’s makeup, fooling around, having a pillow fight, and watching your favorite movie together? Choose the right pajamas or dressing gown for each character. Clothes should be comfortable. Don’t forget to reflect the individuality of each girl in her costume. Harley loves double colors, clown outfits, and cheeky style. Mel prefers long, luxurious dresses, black color, and austere style. Cruella loves animal prints, unusual combinations of fashionable styles, and performance. Have fun with the girl-hooligans at Harley’s Pajama Party by playing Harley And BFF PJ Party at Dop5.com.

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